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BX and PX Definition in Accounting

• The material purchases budget is made up of the following elements. There are two types of material budget that you need to be able to calculate, the usage budget and the purchases budget. If sales is the principal budget factor, then the sales budget must be produced first. • Budget manual is produced -an organisation’s budget manual sets out instructions relating to the preparation and use of budgets. It also gives details of the responsibilities of those involved in the budgeting process, including an organisation chart and a list of budget holders.

I was there one time shortly before I went home. I think it was a well kept secret because I only found out about it shortly before I left VN. Graves Registration was obviously very busy during Tet. During that period ee eere sent to the ammo dump as a guard.

Budget preparation

As I went for the floor in slow motion, I say my perfectly cooked eggs,bacon and milk flying through the air. We are trying to find 2 guys that were stationed with him. And now for the rest of the story, I was with the 66th Engineers TOPO when this map was made. Too many officer’s clubs appeared on the original map, we had to go back and rename them motor pools etc to satisfy command. The worst two things that happened to me and which I now suffer nightmares from I can’t tell you.

They must also “manage the step,” but for them the better strategy is to narrow or limit the scope of services, or to find new clients that can lead to more predictable enrollment patterns. In short, managing direct, step-fixed costs is quite different from managing indirect, step-fixed costs.

BX and PX Definition in Accounting

They include shared facilities, general administration, payroll processing services, information technology support, etc. Some managers call them service center costs,internal service costs, or overhead costs because they are usually for support services provided within an organization.

Job costing

I was in the 43rd Engineers DT.We had a civilian company that our whole battalion worked with which was RMW&LBJ out of San Francisco. We always said that it was pres LBJs company but slot of years later a friend told me the LBJ owner was Lady Bird Johnson apart owner. Stationed at Long Binh 1971 had a lot of good guys there enjoyed knowing them had some great experiences. I hope they are doing well I miss them we had some good times. Since we had no authorized commander or 1SG, the battalion adjutant was our CO as an additional duty. Our 1SG was usually senior NCO in the Materiel Office.

I worked the night shift from 6pm to 6am which included 4 hours at a gate, 4 hours in a tower, and 4 hours in a compound before being assigned to the control room. I remember that “LBJ” referred to the stockade and not to the post. I also remember that “Silver City” referred to the Max Compound and not the jail. The nickname applied to the “Conex” boxes that were lined up in rows within the compound that housed the inmates. They were all painted silver in an attempt to reduce the amount of sunlight they absorbed. It was in 1971 that they completed the new stockade which was directly adjacent to the old one.


Made many trips down Hwy 1 between Saigon and Bien Hoa without incident. This in response to comment #154, Gary Burkholder, I remember you and the name of your 10 Tractor, I believe it was a gasser. I am not sure if I was on that convoy, however I remember somewhere near Cu Chi, the hub on the dragon wagon went bad, and we had to stay over night at a fire support base and got another hub the next day. Snake was the driver, I cannot recall his actual name. I was riding shotgun, would like to reconnect with you.

BX and PX Definition in Accounting

Landed in-country Feb 2, 1968 and spent 2 nights in replacement company at Long Binh, next to an artillery unit that seemed to be supporting all night, both nights. We made daily repair parts runs to LB, unless red or yellow alerts. And I remember working to get the guys to be at the Holiday Show in late ‘68, but due to some aggressor action near Long Binh, the Bob Hope troop could not make it in. We had good views of an empty stage from the hill.

Indirect labour cost

Restaurants, PX, basketball courts, live bands at the EM club and outdoor pools and movies. Saigon BX and PX Definition in Accounting was off limits but I managed to get their several times by bus and returned by helicopter.

  • • The techniques employed in cost accounting are designed to provide financial information about the performance of the enterprise and possibly the direction that future operations should take.
  • Second the Detachment company clerk found out I could type.
  • In an examination, unless told otherwise, assume that variable costs are relevant costs.
  • I think it was a well kept secret because I only found out about it shortly before I left VN.

A decision has to be made whether to use production method A or B. • Committed costs are future costs that cannot be avoided, whatever decision is taken. Calculate the breakeven point in terms of units sold. The number of units produced and sold was as follows.

Illustration 2 Relevant costs for materials, labour and overheads

And we had a tough time back in Colon in Feb and again in May of ‘68. I flew back to the World the end of Jan ‘69, a 3 day drop. Spent a lot of time processing those IBM cards for a special project at the direction of Major Lyons of the SLSA. That project was outside the mainstream supply activity of Long Binh, and we later found out we were prepping 1st Cav for their action in Cambodia. The “reports” were finally declassified in 2002, from what I can see on the stamped docs.

BX and PX Definition in Accounting

A profit centre is a part of the business for which both the costs incurred and the revenues earned are identified. Georgia, if the installation has animal kennels run by the morale, welfare, and recreation department, then you could use them; however, veterinarian services may not be included.

Shopping privileges are also generally extended in overseas locations to U.S. Government civilian employees and their dependents who are assigned overseas. Shopping privileges can vary overseas according to applicable status-of-forces agreements with host nations. • By definition, actual and expected fixed overheads do not change when there is a change in the level of activity, consequently many of the variances calculated are based upon budgets.

Why is it called a BX?

There were originally two initial versions of armored cable. One was called “AX” and the other “BX,” with the “X” standing for “experimental.” The “BX” version became the one that eventually was produced, and hence the name “BX” became the common name.

• The payroll department also carries out an analysis of direct wages, indirect wages, and cash required for payment. The payroll department is involved in carrying out functions that relate input labour costs to the work done. Vienna is a direct labour employee who works a standard 35 hours per week and is paid a basic rate of $12 per hour. In week 8 she worked 42 hours and received a $50 bonus. Compare the total costs when the order quantity is the EOQ with the total costs when the order quantity is just large enough to obtain the discount.

Direct materials X

Fixed production overheads are budgeted as $80,000 and are absorbed on the basis of direct labour hours. The total budgeted direct labour hours for the period are 20,000. 1 Within each batch are a number of identical units but each batch will be different. 2 Each batch is a separately identifiable cost unit which is given a batch number in the same way that each job is given a job number.

You can open a free Personal Capital account here. The commissary sells food and household items at prices that are often below other grocery stores. On average, you can cut nearly a third off your grocery bill compared to in-town prices.

Sales budgets

The total of direct costs is known as the prime cost. • Behaviour costs are classified as being fixed, variable,semivariable or stepped fixed.

Is BX cable legal?

NM cable can be cut with a lineman's pliers or even with the cutter on a wire stripper. BX is accepted by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Older BX cables without an internal bonding strip are not accepted by NEC. NM cable is also accepted by the NEC.

So yes, it was one of the better places to be stationed in Vietnam. I served in vietnam 261st transportation unit in long binh, 67-68, hauled ammo, hot loads, napalm, supplied ammo depot, was there when the vc blew the pads, whistlers #37. I was in long Binh with the 556 transportation co.from Oct.66-Oct.67 we hauled jp-4 and sometimes ammo.When I arrived we lived in tents,while I was there they blew the ammo dump twice. I served at Long Binh from November 1967 to August 1968.

• Labour costs all staff costs relating to employees on the payroll of the organisation. • Management accounting is also concerned with providing nonfinancial information to managers. Managers of investment centres are responsible for investment decisions as well as decisions affecting costs and revenues. • The manager must therefore be responsible for both costs and revenues and in a position to plan and control both. • Within each profit centre, there could be several costs centres and revenue centres.

I do not know when 261st name changed to roadrunners. I could never keep up with all of the firebases either.